It all started when…


A short history by Art Larson

While the following is a short history, it has to be noted that the real history is documented in the monthly/yearly records that have been kept in three ring binders.

It is well documented that the Legends began in 2000, but more on that later. What isn’t documented is that there were car shows in Kirkland area prior to the legend having their first show. In 1997 Rick Alexander tried to have a show in Kirkland, but had to instead put on a High School show off Waverly, at the site of the old junior high school. In 1988 and 1999, someone put on a couple of car show in the now Old Albertson’s parking lot off NE 134th. In 1999, Rick Alexander and Biff Lenihan put on a show in the Totem Lake parking lot; this could be considered the very first Legends car show.

Now back to the year 2000. There was a meeting held in the Atrium at Hector’s restaurant in Kirkland, attending that meeting was Rick & Terry Alexander, Biff Lenihan, Jack Cramer, George Needham, Alan Weiskind, and several others. Out of this meeting Jack Cramer was elected Director an office he would hold until 2003. Records prior to 2002 are pretty sketchy; most of what appears above is from early members who just happened to have a great memory.

During 2001 and 2002, the Legends put on a couple of show at the Quinault Casino in Ocean Shores. These were small shows, but did get entries form Aberdeen/Hoquiam and plus a few from Oregon. Also in 2001, the group that ran Railroad Days in Snoqualmie asked if the Legends would co-host their car show during Railroad Days. They met with Dan & Linda Porter and Mike Coleman at that time and the Legends agreed to co-host. This relationship continued thru 2002 when The Railroad Days group asked the Legends to take over the show and that relationship continues to the day.

So how did the Legends start having car shows in the City of Kirkland? Well the prime players in that effort were two people, Dick Beazell who was then the owner of Pelicans Wharf Restaurant and member of the KDL (now the KDA or Kirkland Downtown Association) and Terri Fletcher who was a Real Estate agent in Kirkland. Dick and Terry met with Jack Cramer and Alan Weiskind of the legends on separate occasions and discussed the possibility of having a car show in downtown Kirkland. Sometime during the fall of 2002 and the early spring of 2003, the city of Kirkland after much discussion with Dick and Terri agreed to the Legends to have their first show in July 2003.

Since 2003, the Legends have continued to hold car shows at both Kirkland and Snoqualmie raising money to give to their charities of choice. These charities support children and they are the Forgotten Children’s fund, the Royal Family Kid’s Camp, Snoqualmie Bicycle Rodeo and in good years they have supported Hopelink and various food banks and senior centers. The Legends Car Club is a 501©3 Non-profit organization that promotes the restoration, customizing and preserving of special interest vehicles and raising money for its selected charities.

In 2009, the Legends were honored by the Washington state Hot Rod Hall of Fame as the first recipient of the Car Club of the year award. This was in recognition of their support of children’s charities and support of the car hobby. 

Legends Membership has had its ups and down over the years. In 2000 some 60 people were members and out of those 60 only 13 are still members in 2015, and as July 2015 the membership is 91.