Mike Montgomery — Director

Mike grew up in the city of Seattle, where he attended Seattle schools. His dad was a service technician for a local Buick dealer and a hot rodder who was always building and modifying cars.

Every year the Buick dealership provided his dad with a new Buick Gran Sport and was asked to represent them at drag strips throughout the Pacific NW. A common saying used by local dealers was, “Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday.” During these years Mike was heavily influenced by his dad’s cars, his racing, and his dad’s friend’s hot rods and muscle cars.

Mike built his first car with his dad when he was 15 and then progressed to own build and modify numerous cars over the years.

Mike has served as the Legends vice Director and Director. He and his wife Debbi plan two car shows which the Legends Club help put on each year.

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OfficersDavid Mumm
Rob Manelski — Vice Director

Rob grew up on the East coast working with his dad in the garage where he moonlighted doing mechanical and collision work. Learning those skills at a young age ignited the passion for building hot rods and performing full restorations.

Rob has built or participated in the production of many hot rods. He understands all aspects of the work from fabrication to bodywork and paint.

In the 1990’s he was crew chief of an unlimited air racing team which raced a scratch-built P-51 and later a Hawker Sea Fury at the National Championship Air Races in Reno Nevada.

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OfficersDavid Mumm
Dave Dunn

Dave grew up in the city of Bellevue, where he attended eastside schools. His Grandfather was a garage owner in Three Forks Montana, and his father was a Boeing Engineer. You can see where his passion for hot rodding came from.

Dave was always building something. He rebuilt his first engine when he was five years old. He began building his first car starting when he was nine. Dave has built many cars since his youth, and he was also involved with competition racing for many years. He began with bracket racing then moved to formula V, then formula Atlantic and then he had a 20-year run racing inboard Hydroplanes.

Dave has been an active member with the Legends car club for many years where he has served as Director, Vice Director and today serves as the Car Show Director for the club’s North Bend event. 

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